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The name Zunheboto is derived from ‘zunhebo’, a white-leaved flowering shrub growing in the region which yields a sweet juice and ‘to’ meaning hill top. Since the zunhebo plant is found in abundance in the region and the town is situated on the hills, it is named Zunheboto.

 The Semas live in homes strung along a cluster of hillocks in Zunheboto (150 km). The martial race among the Naga tribes are renowned for their dazzling war dance, folk songs, and ceremonial war dresses. Tuluni and Ahuna is one of the most important festivals observed in the second week of July every year. Satoi ranga and ghosu Bird sanctuary are attraction of Zunheboto.


Ghosho bird sanctuary:

Located 8 km away from Zunheboto district headquarters, this bird sanctuary is solely maintained by the village community. This sanctuary is the habitat of more than twenty species of endangered birds. Migratory birds can also be sighted from the months of June to September. The surrounding village communities have now strictly prohibited the earlier rampant habit of hunting and poaching in this area.

Satoi range:

One of the only remaining virgin forests left

in Zunheboto district, is a place of pristine beauty. Lush green trees and vegetation thickly cover the walkways. This place is the natural habitat of Blythe Tragopan, a rare bird on the verge of extinction. During the months of April and May one can see rare rhododendrons adorning the hills and valleys. This place provides an ideal place for outdoor camping and trekking.

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