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Phulpui Grave:

Situated in the Phulpui Village the Phulpui Grave, Mizoram is considered as one of the most important Mizoram tourist attractions. You can either hire a car or take a private taxi to reach the village of Phulpui which is only 159 km away from Aizwal. There are a number of stories surrounding the Phulpui Grave and all those who visit the place will get to hear one of the most beautiful love stories of the world. The Phulpui Grave, Mizoram is visited by thousands of holidayers from all over the world.

The story of Phulpui Grave, Mizoram narrates the story of two lovers. According to popular beliefs the mighty chieftain Zawlpala or the Chief of the village of Phulpui got married to the very beautiful Talvungi of Then all. It is said that they were in love with each other so much that they could not bear separation but Zawlpala's lady love was forced to marry the chiefs of the Punthia and Rothai tribes. It is a common custom for the women of the hilly region to get married to more than one man. However the saddest part is that Talvangi could not forget her first husband.

When the sad Zawlpala died as he could not bear the pangs of separation Talvungi came to the spot where a memorial has been erected in the memory of Zawlpala. She herself dug a pit and then asked an old woman to murder her as she could not bear the loss of Zawlpala. It was in the second grave that the body of the beautiful lies and it is said that it is the air of Phulpui Grave, Mizoram that one can hear the echoes of the eternal love story of the two lovers.

People love to visit the Phulpui Grave, Mizoram as they love to hear this eternal love story of these immortal characters that live in the minds of the people. You can take a bus from the airport to reach this place of attraction. You can also avail of the railway services and the bus services which enable the guests to reach Mizoram from any other Northeastern states.


Pangzawl village of Lunglei district in Mizoram is expounded with the tragic folklore of Chawngungi. Chawngungi was a really stunning woman, whom each young man wished to marry. But, her mother accepted an absolutely top helpmate amount that couldn't be afforded by anyone. Finally, the Chief's son, Sawngkhara, won her by employing a abracadabra drug. However, Chawngungi died anon if the wedding. Sawngkhara, her bedmate lived the butt of his activity aching the afterlife of his stunning, adolescent wife (Chawngungi).

Pangzawl village of Lunglei district is associated with the tragic folklore of Chawngungi. She was a very beautiful girl sought for, by all young men. But her mother demanded a very high bride price which could not be afforded by anyone. Ultimately, the Chief's son, Sawngkhara, won her by using a magic drug. However, she died soon after the marriage. Sawngkhara lived the rest of his life mourning the death of his beautiful, young wife.

Angzawal is a beautiful village cloaked in a tragic legend.

Once an extremely beautiful girl used to live here. She was the most sought after girl in the entire village. Several young men wanted to marry her but her mother, a greedy woman demanded oodles of money as a bride price. Nobody could afford to pay such a huge amount. Finally, Sawngkhara, the Chief's son could manage to get married to her by using a magic drug. Unfortunately she died soon after tying the knot. It was a grave loss to Sawngkhara who spent rest of his life crying over the loss of his pretty young consort.

Mangkahia Lung:

Mangkahia Lung is a stone memorial constructed in the memory of Mangkhaia, an important chief of the Ralte tribe in Mizoram. It is situated at Champhai in Aizawl district, in close proximity to the Burma border. It is also known as 'Mangkahia's stone'. Erected to a

height of 5m, it has engravings of the heads of mithun (the animal found in north east India). It was built in the 1700 AD and its size is quite big.

Mangkahia Lung is found at Champhai in Aizawl district of Mizoram India, close to the Myanmar border. Mangkahia Lung may be a awfully behemoth canonizing rock additionally referred to as Mangkhaia's stone. Mangkahia Lung is five m high with heads of mithun (the animal found within the northeast India) engraved on it. Mangkahia Lung was aloft in and about 1700 AD aural the anamnesis of Mangkhaia, who was a absolutely acclaimed arch of the Ralte tribe.


Tualchang is the largest monolith in the north eastern state Mizoram. It is a row of stone slabs with the largest stone having 3 m width, 1 m thickness and 4.5 m height. It is situated in the eastern part of Aizawl district of Mizoram.

Mizoram, the popular Land of Hill People, is sited at the extreme north-east side of India. Mizoram is counted amongst one of the most breathtakingly beautiful states of the country in terms of scenic beauty. Mizoram is a land of rolling hills, valleys, rivers and lakes. As many as 21 major hills ranges or peaks of different heights run through the length and breadth of the state, with plains scattered here and there.

There are two graves at Phulpui village in the Aizawl district of Mizoram India. It is said that, Zawlpala, Chief of Phulpui village, married the legendary beauty, Talvungi of Thenzawl. Talvungi was subsequently married to the chief of Rothai, Punthia. But, Talvungi could not forget Zawlpala, her previous husband. After many years when Zawlpala died, grief stricken Talvungi came to Phulpui, dug a pit by the side of Zawlpala's grave and asked an old woman to kill her and bury her in the grave. The love story, the graves ( of Zawlpala and Talvungi )and other related places at Phulpui are attractions to the visitors coming to Mizoram.

This small Indian state of Mizoram is probably the furthest from Indian culture you can get. In fact you are likely not to see a single Indian face among the locals, most having Thai or Chinese features. Mizoram’s history, though quite vague and disputed, is believed to be of Mongol descent with many believed to have migrated from China. Now they form a supportive society as Mizos who show no discrimination of class or sex while being known to be friendly and hospitable toward visitors.

While the landscape and climate is highly pleasing throughout the year with exception of the monsoons, it really isn’t a popular tourist region. This isn’t surprising considering its main tourist attractions are stones, you have to get a permit before entering and there is a total liquor ban. But nether-the-less it is a highly liberated state that is working on increasing its tourism.

If you are still set on visiting this state you will no doubt get a unique taste of a vastly different culture to the rest of the sub continent. The people of Mizoram are divided into several tribes which they often use to suffix their names with. However all Mizos live harmoniously and operate like a large family of sorts, coming together for special occasions. The majority of Mizos are Christian, are cultivators and have a relaxed aura about them.

With a mild climate, both summers and winters bare comfortable temperatures, not too hot and not too cold, however the monsoon rains can seem relentless. The rains influence the region usually from May through to September so it is recommended that you plan to miss this wet season.

Other activities include the common trekking that will most likely take you up and down beautiful mountains and valleys, strolling through sanctuaries and national parks and exploring the many caves. Some of the more interesting legends include that associated with the Pukzing Cave where it is said the cave was entirely carved out by a single hair pin, while

the Lamsial Puk Cave is said to hold evidence of a battle between two neighbouring villages and where the corpses of the fight can still be found.

So even though Mizoram may not be the most exciting tourist destination, it is a place where you will find a completely different way of life and some excellent legends along the way.

Tomb of Vanhimailian:

Tomb of Vanhimailian is dedicated to the memory of a great chieftain named Vanhimailian. He was the chief of Champhai plain which is located in the Aizawl district. It is about 194 km from Aizawl in the north eastern state Mizoram. Reaching the Tomb of Vanhimailian is not a problem at all as it is easily accessible from the capital city Aizawl. While on your trip to Mizoram you can find a comfortable accommodation in Aizawl. A wide range of hotels are available in the city, take your pick depending on your budget. Aizawl is well connected by air, rail and road with the rest of the cities of Mizoram and the major cities of India.

The Tomb of Vanhimailian, Mizoram is one of the most important Mizoram tourist attractions and is visited by holidayers from all over India. Located in a strategic position in Champhai the Tomb of Vanhimailian, Mizoram is a favorite destination for the visitors. Champai is 194 km away from Aizwal and it is best to hire a car to reach the famous Tomb of Vanhimailian in Mizoram. Like many other memorials and places of attraction the Tomb of Vanhimailian has a story of its own.

There is a famous legend about the Tomb of Vanhimailian, Mizoram and it is said that this memorial was constructed in memory of the mighty chief Vanhimailian Sailo. He was a ruler of great importance and controlled the administration of Champai. The memorial stone was erected in a scenic spot and you will have a bird's view of the surroundings. You will have a panoramic view of the Champai plains from the top of the spot. The place is beautiful and once you step here you will get to stories about the mighty king who saved his clan from destruction and wars.

There are many stories about the chief who ruled over Champai for many years. He was not only a skilful warrior but a hunter who have many kills in his kitty. One of the best ways to go to Tomb of Vanhimailian, Mizoram is by hiring a private car or a taxi from the airport near Aizwal. It will take a lot of time but you will have a comfortable journey if you hire a jeep. The other way to reach this place of attraction is by taking the train from Guwahati. You can either board the Tripura Passenger, Barak Valley Express or the Cachar Express so that you can reach Mizoram via Silchar.

The other option is to avail the efficient bus services and as Aizwal is connected with the rest of the northeastern states with National Highways it will be easier for the travelers to take the bus services to reach Tomb of Vanhimailian, Mizoram. You can also take the night bus to escape the heat of the day.

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