Now in Namdapha National Park Tourism, Changlang

Namdapha National Park Tourism, Changlang

Namdapha National Park Tourism, Changlang

Namdapha National Park


Namdapha National Park has perhaps the richest diversity of flora and fauna in the Indian Subcontinent. This is because of its biogeographical location within the Indo-Chinese subregion and its great altitudinal variation, from 4,500 meters at Daphabum, highest point, to 200 meters in the lowest valleys. The park is largely mountainous and is drained by the noa-Dehing, Deban and Namdapha rivers. In the lower levels grow a tangled profusion of tropical rainforests, with huge Hollock, Hollong and Mekai trees intermixed with giant creepers, tall cane and dense bamboo stands. Higher up are the deciduous forests, with temperate and alpine forests higher still, where Oak, Magnolia, Pine, Betula and Rhododendrons grow in profusion. Namdapha is a botanical haven, with over 150 tree species and many flowers and orchids, including the Blue Vanda, one of the rarest orchids. It will be many years before Namdapha's flora is fully surveyed. Namdapha's birdlife includes the Satyr Tragopan, Kalij and Monal Pheasants, Giant Hornbill, Forest Eagle Owl and the rare White-winged Wood Duck. principal reptiles include the Indian Python, Reticulated Python and King Cobra. For mammal watchers, the park boasts no fewer than four large cats- Tiger, Leopard, Clouded Leopard and Snow Leopard. It also has a good population of the Hoolock Gibbon.


The Namdapha National Park was established by the Arunachal Government to protect the wildlife, vegetation and the endangered species of the area. It was declared as a Tiger Reserve in 1983.

The Park at Namdapha is named after the River Namdapha that flows through the forest.

Best time to visit

October to April.

Access (Namdapha National Park) :

Drive to the park from Dibrugarh (140 km , 5 hours) or Gauhati (full day) airports, with flights from Calcutta and Delhi respectively. The nearest railway station is at Ledo, near Margherita (56 km).

Accommodation and facilities (Namdapha National Park)

Government Tourist Lodge, Miao,


House at Namchik.

There are a few basic rest houses in Namdapha, at Haldibari. Until the infrastructure is established, this park is suited only to the most diehard mammal watchers. Movement within the park is restricted, as there are very few trails. The vegetation is dense thus limiting movement and visibility. Safaris are by 4-wheel drive vehicles, riding elephants and on foot.

How to reach:

Dibrugarh airport and Tinsukia rail station are the nearest points. Assam State Transport Corporation and Arunachal Pradesh State Transport buses ply daily from Dibrugarh to Miao. Miao is the entry point for Namdapha. The distance between Dibrugarh and Miao is 160 km and is best covered by hired cars. A further drive of 26 kms is required to reach Deban, a tiny hamlet at the foot of the Patkai range of hills on the banks of the Noa-Dihing. The Deban Forest Guest House is the popular base for birding Namdapha.

Where to stay:

Forest Rest House, Deban. For bookings contact:

The Field Director

Project Tiger

Namdapha Tiger Reserve

Miao - 792 122, Changlang District

Arunachal Pradesh, India

Phone/Fax: +91-3807-222249.

Entry Permits:

Entry into Arunachal Pradesh requires a permit which is issued by the Secretary (Political) Government of Arunachal Pradesh, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh. The Resident Commissioner of the Government of Arunachal Pradesh stationed in New Delhi is also authorized to issue an Entry Permit. Entry into Arunachal Pradesh occurs at the Namchik Checkpoint.

The Ecosystem in Namdapha National Park

The beautiful forests possess great biodiversity of Flora and Fauna. A details study of its species and genetic variation is still undiscovered.

The Flora

Namdapha National Park is Botanist's Paradise and it may take as long as 50 years to complete a comprehensive survey of its botanical resources. There are more than 150 timber species available at Namdapha. The Pinus Merkusi and Abies Delavavi are not found elsewhere

in India. The Blue Vanda, one of the rarest and endangered orchids is also found here. The most famous local medicinal plant Mishimi Teeta, which is used by the local tribal for all kinds of diseases, the export of which is banned.

The Fauna

The park is home to diverse species of animals and birds. It is one park in the World to have the four Feline species of big cat namely the Tiger, Clouded Leopard and Leopard Snow Leopard (Panthera Uncia) and numbers of Lesser cats. Several primate species are also seen in the park, such as Assamese Macaque, pig-tailed Macaque, stump-tailed Macaque and number of the distict Hoolock Gibbons. Highly endangered and only 'Ape' species found in India also dwells in this dense virgin forest. Some other important animals are the Elephants, Black Bear, Indian Bison, several species of Deers, reptiles and a variety of arboreal animals.

The Birds

Some avian fauna (bird) species found here are the White winged Wood Ducks, a rare and endangered species, the great Indian Hornbills, Jungle Fowls and Pheasants flop their noisy way through the jungle

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